{bringing ella cate earthside}

I have had the privilege of experiencing and photographing many births. This birth was extra special though. I got to witness and document my own beautiful niece coming into the world. 

I first got the call that my sister starting having contractions that were around five minutes apart around mid morning. I quickly began getting my things together to head to Alabama to her hospital. I wasn't sure that I would even be able to come, seeing that I had just had a baby of my own and I didnt know where she'd (or my two year old) would go while I was with my sister. Thankfully, my dad agreed to stay in the nearby hotel with my babies while I got to go. I was getting updates as I was on my way; 4 cm dilated, 6 cm dilated... it seemed to be progressing quickly which was a great thing!! As soon as we checked into the hotel, I got a call though that the baby's heartrate was very high along with the progressing had ceased. They were going to have to perform an emergency C-section. I was worried for many reasons and especially that I wouldn't make it in time. I got in the car and rushed over just in time to see my brother-in-law getting dressed to head back to the O.R. with her. I wasn't sure since it was an emergency c-section that I would be allowed to go in with them to photograph. Especially because I had been hired to photograph a birth before that ended up being a C-section and I was not allowed in and thought that was standard. To my surprise (and answered prayers) they allowed me in the O.R. and I photographed every moment. I could never be more thankful.

No matter the method, seeing a baby brought earthside is the most miraculous things one could ever witness. I will be forever thankful for this sweet experience and I know that my sister and brother-in-law will cherish the images of their sweet Ella Cate entering this world. I cant wait to watch her grow and be her favorite aunt! Welcome to the world Ella Cate!