{our darling lylah-joye}

When I first got pregnant, I thought, "there's no way that I could ever love another baby as much as I love Harrison (my first born)". In a way I mourned that he wouldn't be my only baby and he would lose his momma. But the moment that Lylah-Joy was born, I knew that not only was it possible to have the same kind of love for another baby, but it came instantly. She has been such a sweet, good girl and H couldn't be happier that she is here. He hugs and kisses her, wants to pick her up and rub his little face against hers. I can already tell that they will be close for all of their lives, and that is what I wished for them both the moment I found out we would be having another baby. I cant wait to see how Lylah-Joy will grow and change our family. We couldn't be more blessed.